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Bring the World

to Your Classroom
with iDialogue

Connect your students with many countries and integrate collaboration and communication skills, technology tools, and cultural diversity into an existing curriculum.

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The lack of motivation is a major cause of poor academic performance among students. Also, in today's increasingly interconnected and diverse world, students’ success in life will be defined by their ability to interact, cooperate, and learn with others who are different.

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iDialogue helps to significantly improve motivation in classrooms by connecting students around the world through exciting, authentic projects.

We create an ultimate learning environment that enables students to develop a variety of skill sets (including creativity and 21st- century skills), explore cultures and global challenges, and build meaningful friendships with peers from all over the globe.

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Virtual Exchange with Other Classrooms

Students connect with peers from different countries through live discussions, debates, challenges and other interactive learning activities.

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We empower learners to express their opinions and improve critical thinking through debates on the most relevant and controversial topics.

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Virtual Field Trips

We help educators easily find curated, live learning adventures that complement their in-class activities.

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The educational process is complemented with a huge repository of educational videos and learning channels.

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Career Power


Working together with our guest speakers and organizational partners, we help the students and teachers of today create the world of tomorrow.

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Every month we conduct Challenges where students are invited to create video presentations on a chosen topic.

How Does It Work



All students receive certificates of completion and excellence.

There are different types of certificates, from Course completion to Expert Hours Attendance and Participation in Challenges.

Our Story

iDialogue is a spinoff of the UbuntuMail social initiative that connected 80,000 students from radically different backgrounds through letter-exchange programs and storytelling. UbuntuMail was founded in 2013 as an offline social network that connected students from different cultures to share stories and create community projects. Though curriculum-based letter exchanges centered around topics like Human Rights, Community Challenges, War & Conflicts, students get to know each other and more about the world they live in.

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