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iDialogue is an educational platform for global collaborative learning.

It connects more than 150.000 students from over 160 countries with over 10.000 educators to advance international understanding, friendship, tolerance and world peace between people of all nations through direct people-to-people contact.

What is the iDialogue Ambassador Program?

iDialogue Ambassador Program is created to help teachers from all over the world. It's a professional learning network that allows exchanging your experience with other teachers who are passionate about what they doing. The iDialogue Ambassador Community is a place where you can learn new ways to promote diversity, global citizenship, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning in your classroom.

What do I get for being an Ambassador?

iDialogue Ambassadors are a meaningful part of the iDialogue Family and we look to them for their feedback and for ideas to better support our learners across the globe! Below is a summary of what you can expect as an Ambassador:

  • Up to $200 for every new customer you refer to iDialogue

  • Free access to iDialogue remote learning and engaging teaching tools

  • Free Access to Collaborative activities with partner classrooms

  • 2 iDialogue Virtual Field Trips per month

  • 4 iDialogue moderated discussions per month

  • A digital iDialogue Ambassador Badge and Certificate

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What do I do as an iDialogue Ambassador?
  • Promote and share information about iDialogue's global community with your audience or colleagues

  • Get personalized support from the iDialogue team. We’ll make sure you have what you need to make this school year a fun and engaging one for your students.

  • Have a first look at upcoming iDialogue features, updates, and announcements! We count on your voice for making a collaborative learning revolution.

  • Share some feedback and take an inside look into iDialogue's up-and-coming releases.

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