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Help your child thrive!  


iDialogue empowers students to lead better

lives by giving them the language and digital
skills they need to succeed.

An award-winning educational program loved by 100,000 educators and students all over the world
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Meet peers and make friends from 150+ countries



The most engaging way to learn through immersive activities



Explore the world through virtual field trips

Students will:

Explore the world through virtual field trips

With iDialogue students are invited to travel around the globe with no passport, no plane tickets and no luggage.

These immersive, virtual activities include topics such as Indian cousin from Calcutta, sustainability from Costa Rica and design thinking from Silicon Valley.

The tours last about 60 mins and are live-streamed by the guides directly from the location. Forget about slideshows or pre-recorded videos, this is a live adventure and anything can happen!

Make new friends in a safe environment

Students connect with peers from different countries through live discussions, debates and other interactive learning activities.

Cultural exchanges provide an opportunity to explore other cultures, traditions, customs, beliefs, societies, languages while building students’ self- awareness, social awareness, and relationship skills. All of these skills are important for students’ academic, social, and eventually, professional lives. 

Working together with our guest speakers and organizational partners, we facilitate career power-hours led by the world leading experts ranging from NASA Astronauts and Engineers to Best selling Authors and and Thought Leaders.

Learn from the best!

Tutoring online

One-on-one classes or group classes with other students. The lessons last for 30 minutes, and they take place in a comfortable environment for the child. That means you don't have to go on trips to the tutor!

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One week with iDialogue:

Breakfast with friends! We meet to greet each other and to discuss our plans for the day!

Discussion clubs with a native English speaker and peers from all over the world (Art Club, Cooking Club, Celebrity Club!)

Virtual Field trips! Prepare to explore the most exciting locations on these live adventures!


Debates, Board games, Challenges! Let's have some fun and win prizes!

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A variety of Virtual field trips and Discussion Clubs  every day from 10am to 8pm

You can choose which activities to attend.  

Unlimited access with a single pass.






Your pass to unlimited adventures


Your pass to unlimited adventures


💭  Access to 100 hours of language practice

🌎  Friends from 150 countries

🇺🇸  Discussion clubs  with a native speaker

✈️  Virtual trips 

🎤  Power Hours with experts 

📃  International Certificates 

⏰  Flexible schedule

🔒  Safe Platform

🎁  Bonuses and Prizes



iDialogue Press



An online educational platform for collaborative global learning. We empower students with tools to conduct cultural exchanges, collaborate with peers globally, and complement classes with virtual field trips and live sessions with guest speakers. 


Our goal is to help students reach their full potential by providing an educational experience that sparks curiosity and takes them on a journey of discovery beyond the classroom.

About iDialogue

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